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Electronics System Features:

  • System Voltage: 84 volts, average or larger range (more AHr) Battery systems can be used.
  • Powerful: AC Motors have high torque, excellent acceleration, efficiency, and hill climbing capabilities without sacrificing drivability.
  • Regenerative Braking: Regenerates power back to the batteries down to zero speed decreasing the use of mechanical brakes, increasing run time, also will not allow vehicle to run away downhill. The steeper the hill means more power back to the batteries, as much as 150 AMPS!
  • Power with Control: Having a lot of power doesn't mean losing control. The management system can be precisely adjusted and affects range and speed.
  • Conserve Mode: Speed, acceleration, and regenerative braking are controlled to prevent loss of traction. Hill climbing torque is NOT reduced.
  • Hot Rod Street Mode: Increased acceleration while retaining Regenerative Braking power.
  • Multi-Function Display: Power Reserves, Power used, RPM, Amps, Timer, GPS, and Speedometer.
  • Limp Home Mode: With an AC System, performance degrades very little as battery voltage drops, so we have built in a "Limp Mode" as a reserve to get you home when the batteries are low. This will drop the remaining speed and acceleration significantly.
  • Efficiency: Although it is very powerful, AC systems are also very efficient, with 10 to 20% less power consumption, drive time and range will definitely be increased.
  • Miles on a Charge: This is the most difficult question. There are many factors that go into how far you will go on a charge. Speed, terrain, vehicle weight, battery type (and number of batteries) are the main ones.
  • Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Motor: Higher speeds require a fan-cooled motor, most DC fan cooled motors are totally open to water, dirt, dust and sand. Our AC motor is fully enclosed.
  • 100% Maintenance Free: AC motors have no brushes to replace and no commutator shaft to resurface.
  • High Speed Motor: AC motors can run at very high speeds without any worry of damage. There are no armature windings to explode apart, so higher motor speeds allow for hill climbing and torque at a wide range of speeds.
  • Safety: Stopping to hold on is as easy as other modern vehicles, but it's still recommended to set parking brake for parking.
  • Brake Lights are active during Regenerative Braking, System automatically turns on brake lights when the accelerator pedal is released and Regen Braking is applied.
  • Flexibility: This system can be tuned to the driving preferences of the driver. You can set different Max Speed, more/less Regenerative Braking or different acceleration to fit personal preferences.
  • Upgradeable: Controllers are software controlled, upgrades consist of either a software download or just change the "chip".